Xbox app on PC improves and incorporates game life

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Xbox app on PC improves and incorporates game life

The latest update to the Xbox application on PC should be of interest to many players, especially those whose time is short.

Microsoft’s solution also takes the opportunity to (further) improve its central operation.

How long to complete a game? HowLongToBeat has the answer

You may already know the HowLongToBeat service, this site that for several years has offered to tell players how long it takes to complete a video game. Thanks to a partnership between the service and Microsoft, this information is now directly indicated in the interface of the Xbox application on PC.

After clicking on “All the details” on the page of a game, we find, as on the site, four values:

Main Story: The time it takes to see the credits by completing only the main objectives of the game.

Main + Bonus: the time needed by taking your time and doing the secondary missions.

Finalizer: the time needed to complete the game at 100% (all achievements, all items to collect, etc.).

All styles: an average that takes into account the previous three styles.

Note that these are of course estimates. The time really necessary to complete a game will depend on many criteria and in particular on the level of each player on the most difficult games.


This partnership also goes in the other direction, since on the HowLongToBeat site there is now a page grouping all the games offered on the Xbox Game Pass. It will take you about 15,496 hours to complete them all. In addition to providing this information, this tool also allows you to follow the latest games released or even to know the most popular ones on the service.

An increasingly optimized application

With this September update, the Xbox app on PC is also 15% faster to launch. Patches are also included to improve responsiveness and reliability when using central elements of the app (search, installation, etc.).

Finally, the page displaying the details of the games has also been revised. Main information like description and trailers and screenshots are now displayed directly at the top. Convenient to always know more quickly if a game is for you or not.

The redesign of the app initiated by Microsoft several months ago now does not seem to be slowing down. The firm takes this opportunity to thank the testers and encourage Insiders to continue to provide their feedback.

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