This solar awning could soon charge your car at home

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This solar awning could soon charge your car at home

An American company has developed a new, original and eco-friendly device to charge your electric car.


It is a solar awning, called PairTree.


A solar awning to charge your car?

Indeed, the Californian company Paired Power is very proud to present its new creation: PairTree. A canopy equipped with 10 solar panels (bifaces), under which one will come to park his electric car in order to replenish the energy.

PairTree offers the equivalent of a Level 2 charging station and is particularly flexible, since it can be assembled/disassembled in four hours and by only two people. Paired Power explains that it is quite possible to customize PairTree, in the colors of a company or a municipality for example.


A flexible and modular charging station

In addition to charging for electric vehicles, PairTree also has 120 V outlets that can be used for emergency or temporary power. On the charging side, the Californian company indicates that the PairTree awning allows you to recover approximately 120 km of autonomy per day. As an option, you can add a battery to increase the charging power.


With its modular side, the PairTree awning is able to transform, in just a few hours, a parking space into a charging station. Of course, it is possible to pair several PairTree stations. “With traditional solar canopies, venues can wait up to two years before they’re connected to the local power grid just to use their chargers,” says Tom McCalmont, CEO. and co-founder of Paired Power.


The first deliveries are scheduled for the second quarter of 2023. On the price side, a complete and ready-to-use station should be displayed at a price of around 60,000 dollars.

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