iPhone 14: some users would be forced to use iTunes to activate their smartphone

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iPhone 14: some users would be forced to use iTunes to activate their smartphone

This is the big day ! The new iPhone 14s are now available in stores!

However, first-time buyers may face a small “problem” during the initial setup.

iPhone 14 forced to be activated via iTunes?

This Friday, September 16, millions of customers around the world will begin to receive their brand new iPhone 14. A new smartphone made official a few days ago by Apple, which is available in a new Plus version, as well as in Pro and Pro Max.

A new iPhone 14 obviously available with iOS 16 but which is likely to cause some activation problems for users, forcing them to go through the in-house iTunes software.

A concern already recognized by Apple

Indeed, according to MacRumors, Apple has sent a message to its technical teams, indicating that a recognized concern within iOS 16 could impact the activations of iPhone 14 when they are connected to a public Wi-Fi network. .

The user will then see with horror that the configuration process fails, the system then indicating to him that there is a problem currently “under investigation”. For now, there is only one solution according to Apple: connect the affected iPhone to a Mac or PC equipped with iTunes software.

Therefore, when prompted, the user should connect to a Wi-Fi network during the initial setup, then return to the previous screen and try to activate again using the Wi-Fi network A priori, some users will have to repeat these steps again and again, until the activation process is finally successful. There is no doubt that Apple should quickly correct this little bug, likely to annoy the person who has just paid more than 1,000 euros to afford “the latest iPhone”.

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