iOS 16.1 is already available in beta: discover all the new features

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iOS 16.1 is already available in beta: discover all the new features

While iOS 16 has only been available for a few days, Apple is already preparing the first major update to the iPhone operating system.


If you’re just discovering what’s new in iOS 16, get ready to enjoy new features in a few weeks.


Some changes and improvements for this first pre-release

Indeed, Apple has just released the first beta version of iOS 16.1 for users registered with its various trial programs. This first major update is accompanied by many features announced by Apple during the summer but ultimately absent from the final version distributed on Monday, September 12.


Among the most visible new features, and probably the most awaited by older iPhone owners, the new battery indicator makes its appearance on the iPhone 11, iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 13 mini. For a reason that remains very mysterious today, Apple has deprived its users of this new presentation with iOS 16. The error will be fixed in a few weeks.


Maps app can finally be uninstalled from iOS

iOS 16.1 brings another novelty that seems anecdotal at first sight: the possibility of uninstalling Cards, formerly Wallet. This option is probably more of a concession to the various regulators, who are currently investigating Apple’s practices regarding mobile payment. Allowing the withdrawal of Cards will undoubtedly be an argument used by the brand to invalidate the accusations of monopoly around Apple Pay.


This new version also offers support for Matter connected accessories. The home automation protocol will be officially launched at the end of the year, after multiple postponements, and iPhones will be compatible with this new standard from launch, designed to simplify the use of connected objects in the home.


The latest major innovation, this time for developers, is the appearance of the programming interface for designing Live Activities, these persistent notifications that will remain at the bottom of the iPhone’s locked screen. For the time being, only Apple is taking advantage of this new system to display a timer or the music player, but several third-party applications should take advantage of it when the update is launched.


iOS 16.1 will finally offer support for Clean Energy Charging, a new greener smartphone charging system as well as a new reworked menu for screenshots and some improvements to the options presented when modifying a locked screen, the great novelty of iOS 16.


If you haven’t uninstalled your beta profile in the past few days, you should soon have access to this first pre-release of iOS 16.1.

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