Intel Arc 750: a card finally shows up, signed by ASRock

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Intel Arc 750: a card finally shows up, signed by ASRock

While the Tokyo Game Show is in full swing, a few privileged people have seen the famous Intel Arc 750 ASRock version graphics card.


A small event in the event, since the manufacturer has not even officially presented this model yet.


“Here comes a new Challenger”

So far, Intel has been relatively discreet about the high-end models of its Arc 750 and 770 graphics cards that are making headlines. Same observation for ASRock, which nevertheless took advantage of the Tokyo Game Show to exhibit its Arc 750 Challenger model.


At first glance, we can notice that this iteration of ASRock features a dual-fan cooling system, as well as a dual-slot design. However, the PCB does not appear to be much larger than that of the Intel Arc A380, a model which did not really cause a stir.

The Japanese site GDM took this ASRock A750 model in photos from all angles, allowing us to have a better idea of ​​its connectivity. We can thus see dual 8-pin connectors, as well as three DisplayPort and an HDMI port.


The Intel Arc 770 Limited Edition makes a shy appearance

In addition to the Intel Arc 750 ASRock version, Team Bleue also presented its flagship graphics card, the Arc 770 Limited Edition, equipped with an RGB strip.

We know in any case quite exhaustively the respective technical sheet of these two models. The Arc 750 will notably offer 28 Xe-Cores, 3584 FP32 cores, 8 GB of GDDR6 RAM and a TBP of 225 W. Its big sister will increase to 32 Xe-Cores, 4096 FP32 cores, 8 or 16 GB of GDDR6 RAM and a TBP also of 225 W.


The only thing Intel has yet to divulge is the release date for its acclaimed Arc 750 and 770 graphics cards. All we know for now is that they should arrive “very soon more precisely at the end of this summer.


Knowing that the season ends in just a few days, it won’t be long to find out if Intel is able to keep its promise or not.

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