Google Play Store: towards really more representative ratings?

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Google Play Store: towards really more representative ratings?

Google will finally revamp the presentation of reviews based on the device you are using to offer more relevant reviews.

Android is a system deployed on multiple media, ranging from smartphones to tablets, including watches connected with Wear OS and even TV boxes and Android TV.

Android is installed on millions of devices and it causes some problems

Many applications adapt to these different screen sizes and their specificities, in versions that sometimes differ radically both in terms of the interface and the features offered.

It is obvious that sometimes it is not possible to offer the same number of options on a six-inch screen as on a tablet twice as large. The user experience can thus be completely different from one platform to another depending on the device you have in your hands.

The Google Play Store ignored these different versions of the same application and offered all the comments published for the same product, without worrying about filtering according to the types of devices used. Google has however reacted and will improve things in the coming days.


Reviews are now presented according to the device you use

The Google Play Store will now offer customer reviews and ratings for each application sorted according to the device owned by the user. If you access the application store from a tablet, only comments left by other people who also use a tablet will be displayed on the screen. The averages will remain the same from one device to another.


Google had announced this new presentation in 2021 but had to wait a year to refine its solution and deploy it to its hundreds of millions of users.


The Android Police site gives the example of the Xbox application which displays nearly 1.5 million reviews and ratings from a Google Pixel 6 but only 100,000 from a Galaxy Z Fold 4, considered by the online store as a tablet and not a phone.


Google hopes to provide more relevant and useful reviews to its customers, regardless of the devices from which they connect to the Google Play Store.

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