Do you know Figma? This is why Adobe raises 20 billion for its acquisition

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Do you know Figma? This is why Adobe raises 20 billion for its acquisition

Announcements concerning corporate takeovers are constantly scrutinized and analyzed in the tech world. And the one that has just been communicated to us is no exception to the rule since the amount of the transaction is very large.

Indeed, Adobe this week confirmed its intention to acquire Figma.

A little-known entity, but with a vital role

Everyone probably does not know Figma. It is a collaborative platform specializing in conception and design for companies. It is used in particular by many designers who work on well-known software under Windows such as Office. Microsoft teams would even use it massively to imagine their biggest projects.

Given its positioning focused exclusively on design for the web, Figma is a strategic company. We therefore understand why Adobe now wishes to acquire it. After the time of rumours, a press release confirmed this takeover… and the transaction was relatively high.

The contours of the takeover

According to information published by Adobe, the acquisition of Figma will cost 20 billion dollars. Half will be paid in cash and the other half through shares. The two entities will not merge since Figma will maintain independent operation. Adobe released a statement to clarify its intentions.

“Together, Adobe and Figma will reinvent the future of creativity

and productivity, accelerating that creativity on the web, advancing product design, and inspiring global communities of creators, designers, and developers. Our two companies will have a massive market opportunity with rapid growth and capabilities to generate significant value for customers, shareholders and the industry. »

For its part, Figma has made no secret of its intention to take advantage of the marriage to improve its skills in areas such as video, 3D or even imaging. Areas in which Adobe excels. It only remains for us to take note of the long-term plans which should be quickly clarified.

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