ASRock lands on the gaming monitor market with a rather unexpected innovation

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ASRock lands on the gaming monitor market with a rather unexpected innovation

With two screens designed for gamers, ASRock extends its offer a little more and also takes the opportunity to offer a new element.


On the other hand, at the level of product names, we will go backā€¦


Two classic screens at first glance

ASRock is the latest manufacturer to expand its tech product offering by embracing the world of PC screens for gamers. Here comes the Phantom Gaming range, currently composed of two models: PG34WQ15R2B and PG27FF1A.


The two screens, respectively 34 inches (curved panel WQHD, i.e. 3440×1440 px) and 27 inches (flat panel, FullHD, i.e. 1920×1080 px), share a few common points: refresh rate of 165 Hz, response time of 1 ms or even compatibility with FreeSync Premium. Enough to enjoy foolproof fluidity, provided of course that you have a high-performance PC.

Regarding the connection, there are two HDMI 2.0 ports, a DisplayPort (1.2 or 1.4 depending on the model) or a jack. The positioning of these screens can also be adjusted, but only the 34″ version can adjust its height.


Wi-Fi in a screen?

The largest model has, in addition to VESA DisplayHDR 400 compatibility (when the other is content with HDR10), a new element: an integrated Wi-Fi antenna. Once connected to the PC (via a supplied cable), ASRock promises a significant performance gain compared to an antenna integrated into a box. The antenna, logically better placed on the desk than below, offers a peak gain of 7 dBi.


Beyond the potentially attractive performance gain for the most competitive gamers, this solution could also be of interest to gamers with a desktop PC without a Wi-Fi card on board. It will obviously also be necessary to have a powerful router so that the signal is the best possible.


These two screens are available now. The PG27FF1A is priced at a reasonable $189.99, while the PG34WQ15R2B climbs to $429.99.

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